FizzBall is a cross-platform computer game in which the player bounces an object called a "FizzBall" around the screen.

FizzBall was nominated for an award[1] at the 2007 Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, and was named Arkanoid Game of the Year and Kid's Game of the Year[2] by Game Tunnel.

What the Game is About Edit

Fizzball's plot is as follows: the animals on a certain island are acting strange lately. It is up to you to capture the animals in Professor Fizzwizzle's newly invented magic bubble. You keep all the animals in a nursery and then feed them with the coins you collect throughout the levels. You do this by a series of levels in which you hit the bubble upwards towards the field with animals in it. You may need to break through obstacles such as a fence to reach some animals. The bubble starts out small, allowing you only to collect small animals. Gradually, as you collect the animals, the bubble grows bigger, therefore making bigger animals grabbable.

Controls Edit

You move the bubble deflecting rocket left and right across the bottom of the screen to deflect the bubble back towards the field.

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