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Uninhabitable by most species, Flett is home to the Blood Pack's vorcha training and breeding grounds. The thick atmosphere is nearly all nitrogen and lacks oxygen, which poses no hazard to the vorcha. Needing little but imports of food and water, vorcha mercenaries and mercenaries-to-be train religiously to overpower and kill whoever the company is at war with this time.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Flett's spaceports are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Blood Pack mercenary company, a corporation undergoing numerous criminal investigations for capital crimes. Civilian traffic to Flett is strongly discouraged.

Facts about "Flett"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure2.49 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length48.2 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameFlett +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameFlett +
NamePageFlett +
NamesFlett +
Orbital Distance1.2 AU +
Orbital Period1.5 Earth Years +
PageNameFlett +
PageTypeElement +
Radius5,623 km +
Surface Gravity0.7 G +
Surface Temperature289.15 K (16 °C, 60.8 °F, 520.47 °R) +

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