The Flight Unlimited series of general aviation flight simulators for home PC was created by Looking Glass Studios.

Flight Unlimited

Flight Unlimited is a chiefly aerobatic simulator which contained an innovative fluid dynamics physics system, photorealistic 3D terrain mesh, and airborne hoops courses.

Flight Unlimited II

Flight Unlimited II is a civilian flight sim with a pioneering photorealistic mesh terrain representation of the San Francisco Bay Area, and unrivalled (for the time) early implementations of real-time air traffic control communication and vectoring, for the player and the realistic non-player-controlled air traffic.

Flight Unlimited III

Flight Unlimited III is a civilian flight sim set in the Seattle region, similar to Flight Unlimited II but with improved graphics, weather systems, seasonal changes and more player-flyable aircraft. It includes a scenery editor, and is customisable with a number of user-made mods and add-ons available freely on the Internet.

Flight Combat: Thunder Over Europe

Flight Combat: Thunder Over Europe was a largely unrelated World War II bomber sim based on the ZOAR engine used in the first and second games, was cancelled when Looking Glass Studios went out of business in 2000. The game was later reworked and released as Jane's Attack Squadron, when Electronic Arts took over as publisher (a move which also necessitated a new ground-attack focus to the game). It was subsequently picked up by Mad Doc Software who had hired several of the original development team, and was released in March 2002 by Xicat Interactive, Inc., albeit in a bug-ridden and altogether unfinished state.

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