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Forge Mod Loader is a modular modification for Minecraft that allows the dynamic loading of mods that were originally designed to load with ModLoader. It is included by default with Minecraft Forge. However, players can download a stand-alone version.

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DeveloperEloraam +, FlowerChild +, Hawkye +, MALfunction84 +, Scokeev9 +, SpaceToad + and LexManos +
DisplayNameForge Mod Loader +
GameCatMod +
Latest Version6.1.39.696 +
NameForge Mod Loader +
NamePageForge Mod Loader +
NamesForge Mod Loader +
PageNameForge Mod Loader +
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PlatformJava +
PlatformTypeJava +
StatusReleased +
Versions6.1.39.696 +

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