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Acclaim's Forsaken 64 is the N64 version of the PC action game, Forsaken. The gameplay follows bounty hunters in their spacecrafts, exploring the now forsaken Solar System where Earth used to be. They fight in a 3D world against robot drones and each other in search of treasure. The game features fast paced 360 degree exploration - you can go up, down, left, right, everywhere. This system is said to be taken and improved upon from the earlier PC game, Descent. Forsaken 64 has some elements of vehicular combat because, really, you're all just vehicles in a zero gravity environment shooting each other up deathmatch style.

So how did the solar system become a forsaken area? Through a crazy science experiment gone wrong, of course. Earth gets split in half, all life is killed and our Solar System is condemned. No one ventures back, except for the bravest of bounty hunters in search of treasure, and robot drones. You get to choose from up to 8 characters to play as.

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