Founder's Falls

Willaims Square, where you can find Infernal and Numina.

Official NameFounder's Falls
Level Range30-39
Zone TypeCity
Area1.02 square miles
Arena Access?No
Task ForceNumina
Strike Force
TrialMaren MacGregor (Sewer, 36-40), Captain James Harlan (Respec, 34-43)
Hero Corp Field Analyst3890, 0, 605
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
Transportation'Portal' to Pocket D
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Circle of Thorns
* Crey
* Devouring Earth
* Council
* Rikti
Contacts* Peter Stemitz
* Jose Escalante
* Phillipa Meraux
* Jenny Firkins
* Tina Chung
* Cadao Kestrel
* Ginger Yates
* Anton Sampson
* Madeleine Casey
* Indigo
* Janet Kellum
* Maxwell Christopher
* Angus McQueen
* Penny Preston (Special Mutant Vendor)
* Agent Six (Special Natural Vendor)
* Mark IV (Special Tech Vendor)
Districts* The Gaspee
* Blackstone Hills
* The Red River
* Williams Square
* Liberty Town
* Hutchinson Park
* Louis Forest
Exploration Badges* Foggy: 968, 0, 2622
* Chaotician: 815, -21, 2404
History Plaques* Scholastic Plaque 1: 1725, -8, 2400, Wall Mounted
* Savant Plaque 1: 4244, 3, 3689, Pedestal
Connected Zones* Talos Island
* Eden



So pretty, from way up here.

Founder's Falls is one of the few zones still in a state of beauty. Named for the waterfalls at the south of the zone, the entire area has a very Venice-like feel, with waterways across the area. Most of the zone is high-scale apartments and small shops, although it is ringed by hills on all sides (save the north, where the Red River empties into the Atlantic near Talos Island). It's still a highly dangerous place to be, however. This is mostly due to the Circle of Thorns, always looking for souls to sacrifice, and the Devouring Earth who've surrounded the zone. Crey also has a strong presence here, as well as Council recruiters. Contacts for the level 34-43 Respec Trial and Sewer Trial can also be found here.

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