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How would like to take on the role of Al Capone, John Gotti and more in this fantastic FREE multiplayer online game? If your answer is yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. Based closely on the real life mafia known as “La Cosa Nostra”, this online game is browser based and comprises game turns where you hire, sell, buy, make hits on other mafiosos, collect money from you gang etc. This enthralling game is played purely online, which means there are no downloads or installs of anything whatsoever.

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  • Be the Boss of your own family or join one
  • Collect money from casinos, whorehouses, loans and gambling dens
  • Produce liquor, drugs and counterfeit money
  • Start street wars against others and gain respect
  • Hire hitmen, thugs, bodyguards and more
  • Buy weapons, cars, aircraft, alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Control areas, towns and cities
  • Fly to other cities to attack other families

Keep it mafio

The list of opportunities is vast and will soon have you glued to the game. You never know who’s going to make a hit on you next. Be on your guard at all times, make sure your defences are strong and your operatives a plenty. Game turns are topped up at regular intervals and extras can also be purchases if necessary. A Jackpot prize is also on offer with turns to be won each round to its supporters (buying turns and/or subscribing), and free turns can be won for non-supporters

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