Freeverse Inc. (formerly Freeverse Software) is a computer and video game, and desktop software developer owned by Ngmoco. Based in New York City, Freeverse titles received numerous awards including a Macworld Game Hall of Fame, two Macworld San Francisco Best of Shows and three Apple Design Awards in 2004. Its original characters appeared in TimeDigital, Wired, and Animation World magazines, as well as in national television commercials for Blockbuster Video. Freeverse was acquired by its competitor Ngmoco in February 2010.


Freeverse was founded as a shareware company in 1994 by Ian Lynch Smith. Freeverse's first product, a version of Hearts Deluxe for the Mac, contained a gaming artificial intelligence based on Ian's studies in Cognitive Science (the subject for which received his concentration from Vassar College). On February 22, 2010, it was announced that Freeverse had been acquired by its competitor Ngmoco.[1]

Mac Game Development, Porting And Publishing

Original Games

Ported Games

Published Games

Xbox Development

Currently, Freeverse is developing a new version of Airburst for the Xbox 360 video game console from Microsoft. This includes original game modes from Airburst and Airburst Extreme as well as new modes.

Freeverse has delivered TotemBall which is a Xbox Live Arcade musical action game with Strange Flavour and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It takes advantage of the Xbox Live Vision camera with the camera tracking the players hand movements. It was released on October 4, 2006. On August 1, 2007 Marathon: Durandal and Spyglass Board Games were released to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Xbox Live Arcade Games

iPhone OS development

Also among Freeverse's diverse library of games are a slew of iPhone OS games, some currently in development and some already highly regarded in the App Store.

iPhone OS games



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