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Front Fareast Industrial Corporation is a Taiwanese company, sometimes incorrectly called Far Front East, established in 1983, which sprouted during the early stages of the information industry in Taiwan. During that time, Acer developed a "Micro Professor Family-Computer", and Front Fareast became its official distributor.[citation needed] In 1984, Front Fareast became the official game developer for it, which as a result, Front Fareast had developed several gaming applications for the Micro Professor Family-Computer.[citation needed] In 1996, Front transformed to a 3D/VR entertainment developer.[citation needed] In the beginning of 1998, the company published "Final Racing", its first international 3D/VR project, into the market. In January 2000, Front Fareast Industrial Corporation released Cyber Groove, the first interactive dancing game released for the PC.[citation needed]

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