Front Office Football is a sports management game which places you at the helm of an NFL football team. Designed by Jim Gindin, as part of his one man company, Solecismic Software, it has had six sequels: Front Office Football 2, Front Office Football 2001, Front Office Football 2002, Front Office Football 4, Front Office Football 2004, and Front Office Football 2007. Having received many favorable reviews over the years, it has been called the most realistic American football simulation for the computer.[1]

Front Office Football 2004 was the first version that allowed for multi-player capability, resulting in the creation of several on-line leagues.

On Thursday October 26, 2006 Jim Gindin announced that Front Office Football 2007 was completed and released a demo that allowed players to play up until week two of the football season. The game was formally released to the public on Friday October 27, 2006 at a price of $39.99 US dollars. The new version saw numerous improvements designed for multiplayer leagues, a new system of rating players, and other refinements. On September 20, 2007, Jim Gindin released a free update to the game that included 2007 rosters and schedules, and numerous game enhancements.

Front Office Football Central (FOFC) is an on-line discussion forum dedicated to discussing Front Office Football game issues, other games in the text-sim community, and other topics.

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