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Fuji Golf is a golf sports game released with the Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1991. It was programmed by Chiki Nagai[1] while working at ANK Software Co. Ltd [2]. The object of the game is to play the round (18 holes) in as few strokes as possible. Factors such as wind are automatically generated, and the player plays against various computer generated users scores.

Fuji Golf is a game that is nearly impossible to beat - no matter how low a score a player shoots, a computer player will shoot lower. However, the lowest recorded score for a computer during a round of play is listed as -15 and the computer does not always shoot this score. Thus, depending on the skill level of the player, winning can be common.

The game features a few cheats[3], such as typing "fujiwallop" right before attempting a swing to perform a "super drive".


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