Funnybone Interactive is a premiere developer of children's entertainment and educational software founded in 1985 as The Cute Company. It was best known for hilarious and entertaining programs, including Animaniacs Game Pack! and Stay Tooned!.

Our products combine a sense of humor with fantastic graphics, exciting animations, engaging activities, and original soundtracks. Our programs have won numerous awards including a "Technical Innovations Award" from the sponsors of the 1994 Consumer Electronics Show for How Many Bugs in a Box? That same title then went on to win the Kid's Choice Award at the 1995 Children's Multimedia Expo. My Favorite Monster took home a Rommie from CD-ROM Today.

We develop our products at our "World Headquarters" in Canton, CT. Our in-house staff consists of top-flight artists, writers, animators, programmers, musicians, designers and sound engineers.

Funnybone Interactive was founded by president Joel Fried and Vice President Susan Swanson Decker. In February of 1995, Funnybone Interactive became a division of Davidson & Associates Inc, a leading publisher of multimedia educational software. In 1996, Davidson became part of CUC Software family, which included Knowledge Adventure, Sierra Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment. CUC merged with HFS a year later to become Cendant. Funnybone Interactive was closed in 2000.

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