Bruce forsight- Lead developer

Basit dramandos- Back up developer

Randy maire- Junior vice presidant developer

Electrolasis artamis- Haste developer

Ben skirm- Developer

Hugo sandvish- Developer

Stoney lonesome- Developer

Sam simon- Simpception's art worker

Sam simian- Simian keeper

X1 beta- Stunt double

X1 perlman- Voice of x1 alpha

Lindsay lohan- voice of police chief lovewednesday

Jim canny- Concept art

Drake bellendy- Conceptr art

Wayne 'peter' car jr.- Engineering

Wendy winona- lead cgi

Qadzarc mohamdead- cgi development

Sarc kentucks- Sections boss

William tell- Assistant developer

Adrian burkhard- Redndering

Special thanks

Bio ware for releasing bioshock

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