Future Tactics: The Uprising is a turn based tactical shooter video game by Zed Two. Once known as Pillage, this colourful turn based shooter was stuck in development for a number of years before being picked up by Crave for a US release, followed shortly by JoWood for a European release. It plays a lot like the Worms 3D games and has a story penned by Paul Rose, who used to write the video game page Digitiser on Channel 4's Teletext. The game features a geo-mod system in which almost anything can be destroyed, leaving battlefields scarred by craters.

It was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Windows. A Gizmondo version was planned but canceled after Tiger Telematics went bankrupt.


The plot of the game revolves around Low, his sister Pepper, and any other survivors they can find, trying to rid the world of the mysterious and malevolent "creatures" that are slowly taking over the planet.

The Humans

Low - A determined teenager who wants nothing more than to rid the earth of the creatures and take revenge on them for killing his father. He uses a laser pistol in combat.

Pepper - Low's little sister. She keeps record of her and the others' entire journey in her diary. She uses grenades in combat.

Scallion - A stereotypical tough guy with a big gun. He rarely speaks during the game, although it is suggested he is fairly good friends with Low. He uses a missile launcher in combat.

Wardwarf - A robot introduced as Caraway's bodyguard. He speaks in a British accent. Wardwarf uses a laser pistol in combat.

Caraway - The "Science Witch" living in the Valley of Screams. Her home is discovered when Low accidentally leads creatures to its location. She uses a laser pistol in combat.

General - An old man who seems to have seen battle many times before. He rarely speaks in game, although it is highly suggested that he is very protective of his daughter: Peace. General uses a missile launcher in combat.

Peace - General's daughter. She is impregnated by Low, and gives birth to their son: Hope. She uses a laser pistol in combat.

The Stranger - A mysterious man with a scar above his eye. Shares a brief rivalry with Low. He uses a laser pistol in combat.

Father - Low's father. He was killed when creatures raided Low's camp.

The Creatures

Hubrik - A small and weak creature that acts like a suicide bomber. These enemies have dynamite strapped to their backs.

Sentrik - A large heavily armored creature that acts as a sentry. Uses a laser that emerges from its chest.

Grenadak - A normal sized creature with a powerful ballistic weapon on its back. Its name may be a pun on grenades.

Insidiak - Slender creatures that appear to act as snipers in most battles. Uses a laser pistol that extends before firing.

Patriok - A creature with the ability to heal. Its weapon is a staff capable of firing a laser.

Gnarlak - A normal sized creature with a gun attached to its arm.


Gameplay always involves a set of two teams. One team moves all its players, and then the other. The characters fire by aiming at a target and then matching two lines for the precise firing zone. Depending on the upgrades received, the player characters may also zoom in or add an extra boost of power before firing.

Episode Titles

Episode 1: A Savage Earth

Episode 2: The Message

Episode 3: Scallion

Episode 4: The Immortality Gambit

Episode 5: The Valley of Screams

Episode 6: The Stranger

Episode 7: An Enemy Defined

Episode 8: My Lover, My Comrade

Episode 9: A Legend Grows

Episode 10: The Secret of Peace

Episode 11: A Winter's Tale

Episode 12: The Dambusters

Episode 13: Unlucky for Some

Episode 14: Turning Point

Episode 15: A Fatal Error

Episode 16: My Enemy, My Self

Episode 17: Into the Lair

Episode 18: The Mutation

Episode 19: The End

New Game Plus

Although not a new game plus in the traditional sense; if a player continues the game after finishing all 19 episodes, a change to the turn mechanics in combat is made. Instead of an entire team moving at a time, only one character may move before it becomes the other team's turn. Turns are then rotated throughout the characters.

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