G-NOME is a video game developed by the 7th Level video game company, which was released in 1996. G-NOME was followed by a loosely-based sequel, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3, released in 1998.


Template:Plot The G-NOME adventure takes place on the planet Ruhelen, in 2225 A.D. It is a remote world that humans and three other alien races are battling to control: The human Union Intelligence Agency (U.I.A.), the Darken Empire, the Scorp Republic and the Bendian Mercenary Republic (Merc).

As the adventure begins, war is imminent between the four races. The discovery of the mineral-rich Phygos system nearby has upset the tenuous strategic balance between the warring factions. The result is an uneasy peace on Ruhelen. The U.I.A. has also learned of a secret Scorp weapon on Ruhelen nearing deployment phase, known as the G-NOME. The G-NOME is a genetically modified creature based on DNA from human prisoners of war. Due to this, the project is in violation of multiple weapons treaties between the Scorp and Union. It is being held deep in Scorp territory.


The player assumes the role of Joshua Gant, a former U.I.A. operative assigned to investigate the G-NOME weapon. For the last ten years Gant has been drowning in bitterness over a mission that resulted in the capture of his best friend, Pearl, and in hatred of the man that led that mission, Jack Sheridan. Against his will, Gant is reinstated into service and heads a team that includes his old friend, Stephen Kylie, Union's most accomplished scientist, Dr. Victoria Thane, and the best expert on Scorp military customs and tactics, Jack Sheridan. The player does not actually get to know that Jack Sheridan will be part of his team until almost half-way through the game. This also fits the storyline because Gant would most likely not have accepted the mission if he'd known Sheridan would be working with him.

The adventure unfolds in four campaigns. In the first, Gant must traverse the Darken Republic to meet Kylie. Together again, they embark on the second campaign in Bendian Merc territory to meet Dr. Thane. Thane realises the importance of using special Merc technology to capture the G-NOME, so they must battle their way to a structure called The Citadel housing the weapon. After stealing it, the team heads to the Scorp frontier.

The third campaign takes place in Scorp territory where the team is introduced to Jack Sheridan. He leads them successfully to the secret Scorp laboratory housing the G-NOME but the entire mission disintegrates into chaos when the G-NOME is stolen by Sheridan and some renegade Union soldiers.

The fourth and final campaign finds Gant and his remaining 2 team members pursuing Sheridan through Union territory. After a confrontation at a secret genetic recombination facility where Kylie is killed, Gant alone must finish the mission by facing Jack Sheridan, with orders to terminate the G-NOME. He triumphs over Sheridan and discovers that his friend Pearl, who was thought to be killed in a mission ten years prior where Jack Sheridan abandoned him and left him for dead, has been used by the Scorp for their genetic experiments and turned into the G-NOME. Gant lets him live and tells him to run away before Union troops arrive. The G-NOME's fate is unknown; it is last seen heading toward the sunset in the ending credits of the game.


Wilkins takes a petri dish with Pearl's DNA, as the U.I.A. scout the area for remains of the G-NOME. Later, the news states that chaos continues to spread across Ruhelen, as the Scorp declares war on the Union. Reports of a covert Union operation to destroy the Scorp G-NOME Facility are denied by both the Union and the Scorp. Wilkins unexpectedly resigns, causing speculation that the operation ended in failure. The Scorp refuse to comment on this issue.



The player has easy access in and out of his vehicle, called a H.A.W.C. (Heavy Armored Weapons Chassis). He can proceed on foot to either capture other vehicles or to carry out tasks that cannot be executed from within the vehicle. HAWCs come in different types but all have similar cockpit displays, like the one shown here. The most powerful HAWC in the game is the Lion HAWC. The Lion HAWC has the advantages of high speed, heavy armor, a reasonably potent arsenal, and the most powerful shields in the game (according to the manual, which is only accurate for the campaign; The Lion HAWC's shields have been proved in-game to be approximately equivalent to that of a meager hovercraft or tank in multiplayer). The fastest HAWCs are airborne platforms. A stronger HAWC can be defeated by a smaller one if the latter has the advantage of having longer-range weapons. Surprising an opponent with stealth is not possible because every vehicle has a radar field, but some are larger than others.

When a vehicle is destroyed, the occupant is automatically ejected (unless the vehicle is Merc, in which case the occupant dies) and is able to use their secondary weapon, the Gas-Assault Shock Rifle (GASHR) to obtain another vehicle by forcing the pilot of a HAWC to eject. A green gas is seen at the point of impact prior to the ejection. Individual combat outside of the HAWC's is done by the primary weapon, a PRIF44 Pulse Rifle, which takes several hits to kill a target, while the GASHR Rifle will force them (or the player) to fall into a prone position while momentarily obscuring their field of view. In addition to the PRIF44 and GASHR rifles, a third weapon can be carried by soldiers depending on the mission situation.


During missions, each faction has noticeably unique environmental settings. Players are restricted to within the mission area by an orbital defense kill-zone. Should a player wander too far outside the game's perimeter, a computer voice will warn the player. If the player continues, the player's HAWC or the player himself will be destroyed by a laser blast from an ion strike, a large laser from the sky.

There are several "cheat codes" that can be input at the beginning of the game. These codes allow a player to skip to any level he wishes, have unlimited ammunition, be invincible, teleport to different locations and do numerous other things he normally would not be able to.


Stephen Kylie: An old comrade of Joshua Gant's. He was with Gant through his earlier years along with Ryan Pearl and Jack Sheridan.

Jack Sheridan: Possibly the man that Joshua Gant loathes the most, he was the commander of a mission 10 years prior to the current mission that ended in Pearl's capture.

General Allance Wilkins: The U.I.A. representative who informs Gant of his re-enrolment and the assigned mission involved in the game. Wilkins is fast-thinking, motivated and keeps a constant vigil over Sergeant Joshua Gant and his squadron involved.

Dr. Victoria Thane: A technician who also works for the Union. She is on assignment in Merc territory on a peaceful mission in the canyons. UIA needs her expertise in gaining access to equipment that is pivotal to the G-NOME's destruction.

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