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On the main menu press Ctrl-F1. This will bring up a message box. Type the cheats in there. They are all Case Sensitive

  • Redtop Trod: Allows the user to play all missions.
  • Horny Elk Leer: Allows Maximum-Range-Radar.
  • Rotted Drop: Enables Ctrl-F, press this in a mission when targeting an enemy HAWK. This will give it a lot of damage.
  • Oh No! Less Japan: Enables Ctrl-X, press in a mission to paint Ion Strikes on the enemy.
  • Had A Nude On: Enables Ctrl-I, press in a mission to become invincible.
  • Half Libel: Enables Ctrl-B, press in a mission to teleport to the nearest Waypoint.
  • Brass Clue: Enables Ctrl-C, press in a mission to refill your ammo.
  • Swiss Throat: Turns any Citadel Building into the 7th Level headquarters. When in the headquarters press tab to view the pictures of all the designers.
  • Mother Mourn Us: In missions 1-5 it makes a mountain have some of the programmer's faces, with a Mt.Rushmore look.
  • O'Sarge: Makes the trainer in the training missions talk with an Irish accent.
  • Dunk It Here: Plays outtakes from voice overs.

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