FANDOM is an online digital retailer and platform for video games. GOG, itself standing for Good Old Games, enforces a complete absence of DRM, and all games purchased are downloadable either as DRM-free executables (with additional binary files used for larger games), or through the GOG Galaxy client, where such games have been enabled to be compatible with it. Games will often have available for download additional materials, such as manuals, soundtracks, promotional material, or even concept art.

Encyclopedia Gamia classifies as a digital platform in it's own right because of the nature of how games have been adapted for use with modern operating systems. The games themselves are largely unaltered (although developers and publishers may have used the time since the game's original release to patch bugs), but in many cases, they are contained within a "wrapper", that converts obsolete software commands into ones that can be recognised by modern operating systems. Older games that originally required DOS may also be supplied with a program called DOSBox.

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