This game is the third and last title of the Gabriel Knight series.


"High in the mountains of France, the unassuming town of Rennes le Chateau hides an insidious secret. One begins to suspect that everything in the restful countryside is not as peaceful as it appears. Before Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakimura are done, they must rescue a missing heir and reveal secrets buried not only in the hills of France but in the lineage of Gabriel Knight himself."


The engine used in this game is the third-person 3D system used in King's Quest VI, and Tim Curry returns as the voice of Gabriel Knight. Gabriel Knight III is the last adventure game published by Sierra Entertainment to date.

Portions of the plot are loosely inspired by the theories presented in the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. As in the second episode, the game shifts back and forth between Gabriel and Grace as main characters.

Plot synopsis

A family of nobles summons Gabriel to France to investigate the abduction of an infant boy near the town of Rennes-le-Château. The town's legendary treasure, sought for centuries and rumored to be linked to the Knights Templar, makes for an intriguing enough backdrop, but soon it appears that vampirism may be involved in the abduction.