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Type of siteGaming
OwnerCNET Networks
Created byJeff "CJayC" Veasey
LaunchedNovember 5, 1995

GameFAQs is an extremely popular video game site that supplies walkthroughs, game saves, cheat codes and things of that nature. It was started in 1995 by CJayC. Virtually every game, from the first generation to future titles still in development, has its own brief info page and message board.

The FAQs, walkthroughs, and cheats are all user submitted and maintained. Because there are so many message boards, sometimes with multiple boards for one game, the community is vast. In 2003, because the site was getting too big to handle, GameFAQs was bought by CNet, though CJayC still remains in control. Changes with the CNet takeover included a new layout, a thin CNet bar at the top, a GameSpot featured article at the bottom, and the integration of the many GameFAQs boards & users with the many GameSpot boards & users.

Contest Poll Results

Being one of the most visited game websites on the internet, their userbase represents a large chunk of the gaming public. A popular feature on GameFAQs is the annual tournament poll that lets the visitors vote on topics such as the best character or best game. The most popular of these tournaments is the Summer Best Character poll. The winners since it began are as follows:

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