Game Republic Inc. (株式会社ゲームリパブリック?) is an independent video game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. The company, which currently employs just under 300 individuals, was founded in late 2003 by Yoshiki Okamoto after he departed from successful Japanese game developer and publisher Capcom. Okamoto is seen as somewhat of a luminary in the Japanese video game industry. He began working at rival game developer and publisher Konami in the 1980s, and was responsible for such arcade classics as Gyruss and Time Pilot. He then moved to Capcom, where he worked on many extremely successful franchises, such as 1942, Resident Evil and especially Street Fighter II, a series Okamoto is considered to be the father of.

While Game Republic is a completely independent developer able to produce titles for any publisher and/or platform they desire, since inception they have enjoyed a very close relationship with Sony, with the vast majority of their titles funded by and produced in conjunction with the publisher.


PlayStation 3

PlayStation 2

PlayStation Portable

Nintendo DS

Xbox 360

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