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Games Distillery is an independent game development studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The studio concentrates on the development of cutting-edge Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC games with a current focus on digital distribution.


Games Distillery was founded in 2008. The studio is owned and managed by Juergen Reusswig and Slavo Hazucha. Juergen Reusswig started his career in the international games industry in 1994 in Germany and was responsible for more than 20 game productions, including the worldwide million-sellers ANNO 1602 and ANNO 1503. Slavo Hazucha has worked as Creative Director and Manager in the Eastern European industry for over ten years. Games Distillery teams up the best and most creative minds of the local and surrounding developer scene and an extensive network of freelancers and external experts.


As stated by Juergen Reusswig, the philosophy of the company is: "The essence of play. The purpose of a distillery is to take raw materials and extract their components, remove impurities, reach highest concentrations and to receive the essence which is used to create something special and valuable. This is exactly how we approach the creation of great and unique game projects. We select only the best ingredients for a well planned development process, mix them with our creative spirit and check the quality continuously and thoroughly, to create a product which will please our customers and which will be enjoyed by a wide target audience."


  • Aqua - Naval Warfare is a stylish arcade-action shooter with numerous tactical elements, driven by a story with hand-drawn comic sequences for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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