GamingFox (Stylized as GamingFOX) is a gaming and publicity company that creates games, and publishes its own magazine, GamingNET.



  • GamingNET


  • SchoolTool (US $1.99, Unisex, In Development, E)
  • Hotel Simulator (Free, Unisex, In Development, E)
  • House Builder (Free + US $1.99, Unisex in development, E10+)
  • City Tour (US $0.99, Unisex, In Development, E)
  • Clothing Designer 2017 (Free, Girls, In Development, E)
  • World Warden War (US $0.99, Unisex, In Development, M17+)


  • GamingFOX Top 10 Games (Monthly in Magazine)
  • TopNet Internet Games
  • MiniGame Clips

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