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Are you an aspiring writer?
Then you should join the Gaming Wiki News Team!

The Gaming Wiki News Team was created to keep the Gaming Wiki up to date on all of Gaming's latest rumors and news. Members of the team are responsible for posting news stories at least twice a week in a blog like this. Each member will choose a day of the week to post so that we always have at least one new story a day.

The Team

How To

Never written a news story before? It's not that hard :) First, find a cool news story to write about. This doesn't have to be an original story but you do need to include the "Source" article at the bottom of your blog.

Then Create a Blog Post with a snazzy title and rewrite the story in your own words. It can be a few sentences or several paragraphs.

Then include at least one photo not in a "Slideshow" (images in slideshows don't show up when it is posted on other sites like Facebook but images in a "gallery" will). Get creative! Add polls, videos, or cool Gaming Stuff! Want to start an argument over whether Xbox is greater than PlayStation 3? Want to ponder who is a better mascot, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Kevin Butler, or Mario? Feel free to do so as long as you do so in a tasteful manner and not just in a matter of "this guy sux" or "this game is bad."

And finish up with the Source at the bottom of the page like this: Source: Gaming Wiki.

Do you have what it takes?
Leave a comment on the talk page and link to a story you have posted using these guidelines! Your story will then be reviewed and you will be considered as a member.

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