General Tatarin

Tatarin freedom fighter

Game Series Freedom Fighters
First Appearance
Occupation: Soviet General
Birthplace: Uzbekistan

An enemy from the game Freedom Fighters. He is a big, burly Soviet General. He fights alongside his soldiers in battle, making him extremely popular among his people and the men under his command. When they attack New York, Tatarin is appointed leader of the conquered land. Through her newscasts, Tatiana Kempinski sells Tatarin as a glorious, order-seeking, fair, ruler.

Tatarin was born in 1958 in Soviet-controlled Uzbekistan. He comes from a long line of heroic soldiers. His father & grandfather both died as war heroes. In 1976, he became a military advisor in Guatemala. In 1995, he became the youngest Soviet General ever appointed after establishing military bases in Mexico.

Despite his impressive record, he is assassinated by Christopher Stone when he manages to infiltrate Governor's Island.

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