Ghost Manor is a game released for the Atari 2600. It was sold in both Double-Ender and single game cartridge formats by Xonox.


You play either a boy or a girl whose beloved has been abducted by Dracula. You must get to his dark castle and rescue your loved one before time runs out. In the first screen you play tag with a ghost or skeleton, trying to get all the spears you can to knock out the targets in the front of the castle blocking your entry, making sure you don't get bludgeoned by the mummy at the gate. Once you enter, you must search the crypts for crosses that will give you power to defeat Dracula, making sure you don't run into the moving wall that will zap you. Once you have all the crosses, go into Dracula's room and repel him into one of his holding chambers so he will let loose his captive, and you will end the game with a "happily ever after" moment. Fail at any point in the game and both you and your loved one with vanish at sunrise.