Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is an adventure game about pirates for PC by video game developer Autumn Moon Entertainment. Original concept and design by William 'Bill' Tiller, who was also responsible for the visual look of the Monkey Island game, The Curse of Monkey Island.

The game was released in November 2009 in Germany, and then worldwide on February 19, 2010 by German publisher DTP Entertainment AG.


The game follows the exploits of the game's three main protagonists, Papa Doc, Jane Starling, and Blue Belly, as they try to stop the resurrection of a demon god. The plot of which is orchestrated by Papa Doc's treacherous wife aided by the pirate crew of Greenbeard and an army of zombies. After tricking the pirate king Flint and knocking out the three protagonists, the three find themselves cursed with their souls separated from their bodies.

In the first part of the game, the three protagonists have to find a way to reacquire their bodies, a method of reattaching their souls, and a ship in order to leave Vooju island and seek help. They have to do so before they are turned into zombies or before the cock crows thrice, otherwise they would be forever lost as ghosts.

In the second part of the game, the three have to gather allies and stop Greenbeard's attempt to attack Blue Belly's home port with the aid of their ghostly powers. In the final part of the game, with their allies, the three heroes have to stop the demon god's resurrection.


The gameplay follows standard point and click adventure games but with a twist. Having been cursed, the three protagonists are able to interact with the world as either themselves normally or leave their bodies and interact as ghosts. As ghosts, they are capable of moving through walls and manipulating things without being seen or heard by most characters. However due to being ghosts, they are unfortunately unable to pass through or touch certain ghost warding barriers such as a line of salt. To pass, they thus have to find ways to clear the barriers away through other means.

Along with the ghost mechanics, each individual character is equipped with a set of skills. In relation to the curse, they are also able to communicate with each other telepathically and able to use each other's body in order to solve certain puzzles that each one alone is incapable of solving. Papa Doc is a strong Vooju priest and is an expert in most Vooju related areas such as reading certain hieroglyphics. Jane Starling is a nimble pirate and is an expert in most pirate techniques such as forging papers. Blue Belly is fat little pirate and is an expert in cooking and other related matters.

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