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This article describes all bosses of the game and the most effective strategy to beating them. This page will reffer to a lot of attack names , to famliarise go here.




Clive owen as michael badilino

Michael Badilino , portrayed by Clive Owen

Vengeance (Michael Badilino) is a cambion identical to ghost rider according to concept , he willingly works for Mephisto and is a match for Ghost Rider , he is the only antagonist and boss that is also a playable character

Strategy :- Vengeance is fought on a hell cycle level on the road from the demon world to the human world , there aren't too many obstacles distracting you from him , make sure you have atleast a single homing hell shot to play this level effectivly , it would be ideal to have triple hellshot

Vengeance is much faster then ghost rider , if you crash more than once , he will get away , you can fire hell shots almost through out the level

sometimes he will slow down to try to do melee damage , hit him before he hits you , or you could brake with R1 , and hit him with a hell shot.

his main attack is hell shot fireworks which is indicated by a verbal signal , look at the pattern very closely and move accordingly , erratic movements aren't necessary.

his other attack is a fast approaching flame wave signalled by him saying "here it comes" ,  jump once to avoid it.

You should be able to get a perfect score.




Lilith is actually a demoness from greek mythology who appears in several contemporary works of fiction , in here she is a humanoid electricity demoness who has a one sided eddection towards Black heart , she along with Mephisto and Deathwatch were the key conspirators behind the whole event.

Strategy :- you fight her on a melee level on a moving train , she will be oblivious for most of the battle , she will bring four to six of her minions at a time to keep you busy for a limited moment , you can ignore them if you want and keep blocking the whole time , my suggestion is take them all out with hell punch , because as weak as they may be , they keep you boxed in and you are a sitting duck to her electrical attacks , you have to take some damage in this level.

Her electrical attacks are singleed by her saying "come lightning" , so make sure you have plenty of room then. One of them is an electrical quake , that will start from the mouth of the coach , you should see it coming , when it comes , just jump and stall. The other is a sudden bolt of lightning , it will be further indicated by a blue shadow under ghost rider , combat roll to a free area.

after a while , she will come down and be helpless , you have a tiny window now - remember don't use penance stare because she is a boss , but what you can do is use retribution mode and this moment to triple your time with her , don't use link charge or any move like that right away because she will go up and away again , use a series of one on one combos against her , helicopter slice , forward chain roll , plasma shotgun , final spin and chain quake are the ideal moves to use against her.

after every time she gets up , remember to jump to the next coach otherwise it's game over , and it is also possible to jump and roll of the train , so keep yourself restricted.

Blackout in Ghost Rider 2



Blackout is a demon in partnership with the demon ninja master deathwatch , The former is fought in a hell cycle level, the latter doesn't appear in the game (although that would be interesting).

Strategy :- this is a hell cycle level along a river, although his attacks seem small , jump well before they reach you and double jump , in this level the environment is against you

there are some rifts in this river which are hard to spot , if you hit them you crash and Blackout gets away , double jump everytime you see land.

keep a close eye on the dams ahead , Blackout goes through one , then it cloes , then you have to go through another.

in tunnels , he will slow down to hit you , anticipate it and hit him before he hits you , or you could brake with R1 and hit him with a hellshot.

30% percent off the time he will be out of the reach of hellshots , but keep doing it regardless.

This is the easiest level in the game , you should be able to get  a perfect score.
Scr crw



Scarecrow is a twelve feet tall , living scarecrow demon . If there is anyone in this entire game who you have to take damage from , it's him - his giant scythe combos will even make vengeance blush.

Strategy :-this is a melee level and Scarecrow will be at the back end of the church and he will send six demon crows after you , they may be weak and Scarecrow may be susceptible to damage now , but don't fall for this trap , the demon crows will hit you non stop and will incapacitate you , you will be helpless against scarecrow who is slowly walking towards you with his scythe.

this is essential , just combat roll to your right and take out all the crows with one single hell punch.

Now it's just you and him

Try to use up your gauges now because fighting him at close combat is not a good idea , combat roll a few times until you have some good distance and do a series of  hell fireballs. Then we he gets close to you , jump and use hyper chain spin , AROUND him , just hop around him twice and then make more room for yourself and repeat the process.

When you have done half damage he will go up one of the four pillars and the crows will be back , continuosly jump and roll like madman to ignore the crows and stay near the pillars and avoid his dropping hook attack , this will be signalled by him saying "look out for Mo"

the pillar he is on will shake when he says "i'm over here dummy" , bargespin into it and he will fall down , land just ONE hit on him as he gets up and do more ranged combat and hyper chain spin safely , dont use up your gauges now , after 75% damage , he will be up the pillars again.

repeat this  process for a third and finale ncounter , and this time , use up all your gauges to finish him off, don't use retribution mode on him , even when he's slowed down it's not worth the risk.

Black heart


Black Heart

Black heart 2

Blackheart's faux human appearance

Black Heart is Mephisto's son , his ashes were used to bring him back to life despite Johnny and Samuel's best efforts , he is the final boss although as a giant monster but strangely he is not the main antagonist (his father was).

Strategy :- This is a melee level on top of a building , Don't get excited and start shooting him , blackheart can't be damaged just yet , when you see him swing his arms from a horizontal standpoint just combat roll at the last moment , now the guard rails are off and it is possible to jump or roll off the building , keep yourself restricted.

now he will spit blue flames in the air that will come back at you , look at this pattern closely , run to an edge where the flameswill be late to come , then when it's time for flames to hit that area , combat roll to the opposite end you are on , towards land

when you see him swing his arms from a vertical standpoint , run to an end of the building , now jump and stall in the air with flame cutter , this stalling is important because there is a quake after he pounds his fist

now dive into his arm with comet and do as much damage as you can in a two second window

start off with chain quake then do forward chain spin , then go for helicopter slice

if you managed to do those exactly you have done enough dame to incapacitate one of his arms for the remiander of the game

NOW he is susceptible to damage , ghost rider will bring his chains and slam Blackheart's head on the roof , now go berserk - empty your gauges - retribution mode is golden here and you can even start with a link charge , just dig into him with all the fast and powerful combos - forward chain spin , final spin , chain quake , helicopter slice

in your first try you can do over half damage , now this is CRUCIAL run to the LEFT of the building as fast you can , after you do half damage , Blackheart will instantly destroy the right side of the building

Repeat this for a second time , try to incapacitate his second arm too , if you can , he is a sitting duck until you beat him , if you cant just dont use up your gauges yet

repeat this for a third time and NOW use up your gauges for a quick finish

Congratulations , you beat the game!

Other Antagonists


Mephistopheles' faux human appearance

Mephistopheles 2



Mephisto was exploiting Johnny Blaze the whole time , his hell cycle was inscribing a city wide symbol that would merge the demon world and earth , but you can't fight him and Johnny sort of forgives him at the end of the game.

Deathwatch ghost rider



A demon ninja master who even Johnny cannot match upto in close combat , he hasn't appeared in the game but he was mentioned by Carter and has supplied zombie ninjas to aid Blackout.

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