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Ghost Rider is unique because of it's alternate melee and motorcycle levels. It has an overall gothic/demonic/horror theme , players have to master the quick reflex based "hack and slash" style of gaming. The Game Boy Advance version has some elements of Road Rash and Castlevania.

For a guide to the in-game attacks go here.

Melee levels

Ghost Rider Melee Level Controls

Players go on foot as Ghost Rider and have the usage of his demonic strength attacks , demonic magic , shotgun moves and flaming chian moves. Players must avoid taking damage and finish levels in good time to get a good grade - Damned - Condemned - Brutal - Avenged - Spirited - Vengeance. A complex combination of special attacks is crucial to getting a good style score. Melle levesl are very simplified, there is no time consuming puzzle solving involved. Players encounter lesser demons , sub bosses and bosses in melee levels and must defeat them in an efficient method.

For a guide to the enemies go here.

Enemies cover photo

Ghost Rider fighting 5 blood demons ( A melee level screenshot)

Hell Cycle Levels

Ghost Rider Hell Cycle Level Controls

Players ride on ghost rider's iconic hell cycle , Vengeance has a fully skeletal bike , Ghost Rider 2099 has a metallic and hovering bike , while Blade has a normal one.


Roadblocks (jumped over)

narrow bridges (brake and cross slowly) 

large jumps (speed boost and double jump) 

vertical drops (stay in the center)

barricades (slide under).

Each Elemental soul that ghost rider upgrades his hell cycle in some way with the exception of dark soul.

Earth Soul - Enables Couble Hellfire Jump

Water Soul - Hell Cycle can ride on water

Wind Soul -  Speed boost enabled

Hl cycle

A look into a hell cycle level

Alternate characters

After beating the game on forgiving or challenging difficulty players unlock Ghost Rider 2099, Vengeance , and Blade the vampire hunter. After beating the game on punishing difficulty , players unlock a mystery 4th skin.

Blade gameplay

Blade tvh


If the player chooses to start the game again as Blade, they get slightly changed gameplay. Blade only has his Daywalker Sword for a weapon, he does not have the shotgun or chain-link attacks of Ghost Rider. Combo attacks are much more limited. He also does not replenish health by absorbing flames from the occasional fire-drums staggered throughout the game levels. Instead, Blade can suck the life force from any wounded foe that is a non-boss (readiness is indicated by a circle above their heads). However, during the motorcycle-racing sections, his vehicle can still shoot firebolts, and he can use his sword for melee combat.

Vengeance Gameplay



Unlike Ghost Rider , Vengeance has a fully skeletal persona , himself , his shotgun and his hell cycle are all made of bones. But unlike the boss in the game , the Vengeance Skin has an orange head flame instead of red like the original. Vengeance starts off as an off-white skeletal creature , after beating "Vengeance" the boss , He turns into a black skeletal creature. Playing as Vengeance allows players to ride on water in a select few Hell Cycle levels before getting the water soul. If players reach the "Vengeance" style meter with Vengeance , his head flame and attacks turn blue like ghost rider's but a new red flame appears in his chest cavity.

Ghost Rider 2099 Gameplay

Kenshiro Cochrane iaba

Ghost Rider 2099

Kenshiro has a very cyborg/metallic feel to him , totally opposite of vengeance , and like vengeance has the same attackas as ghost rider. He will start off with an orange flame and end with a blue flame in vengeance mode like all other characters. He has a cyborh shotgun and a levitating hell cycle.

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