Rebel gla

Cost: $150

The rebel has less training than its counterparts of basic infantry as its lack of training is replaced with more fighting spirit. They are armed with only an assault rifle. The rebel makes up for its weaknesses if upgraded to be able to capture buildings, camouflague, and also the use of armor piercing bullets.

RPG Trooper

Rpg trooper

Cost: $300

The RPG trooper is the rocket infantry of the GLA. It has nothing special except that two come with the construction of a tunnel network base defense.


Terrorist gla

Cost: $200

This unit is a suicide unit of the GLA. He is strapped with bombs and will detonate on command or when killed with explosives or fire. It is a cheap and effective unit with high damage, but will not explode if killed with bullets or toxic gases. The terrorist can also hijack civilian vehicles to make the attack more deadly and speedy.

Toxin Terrorist

Cost: $200

The terrorist of Dr. Thrax. The only difference is that it explodes in a cloud of toxin.



Cost: $600 and 1 Generals Point

A unit that is stealthed while stationary, the hijacker can kill vehicle drivers upon entering any vehicle. Its able to hijack any vehicle, but cannot capture air units. In Zero Hour, Prince Kassad's hijackers are always stealth, even while moving.

Angry Mob

Angry mob

Cost: $900

Not just a single unit, but acts as one. The angry mob is made of many angry units that carry pistols and molotov cocktails. They can be upgraded with AK-47 rifles. The angry mob is a strong ground force good against structures and units, but vulnerable to toxins, fire, and flashbangs. The angry mob is capable of automatically regenerating to heal itself and another mob member comes out of an existing one as it is left to heal. A disadvantage is that on long marches, some members fall behind and die.

Jarmen Kell


Cost: $1500

The GLA hero unit is always stealth except when using its sniper rifle. He is able to move around and garrison buildings unseen and can sneakily kill infantry or use the vehicle driver sniping ability to pick off a driver of a vehicle. The emptied vehicle can be taken by inserting any GLA infantry into it.

Demo Jarmen Kell

Cost: $1500

The GLA hero of the Demolition General of GLA, this Jarmen Kell has all the abilities of the original Jarmen Kell, but has the added bonuses of the timed and remote C4 charges just like Colonel Burton.



Cost: $200

The worker only comes out of the command center and supply stash. Its purpose fills the spaces of two units on each of the opposing teams. The worker is used to collect supplies from a supply dock or pile, or it can be used to construct the GLA structures. The only downside is that the worker is slower than a dozer in movement and also slower at collecting supplies than a USA chinook or a China supply truck.


Saboteur generals

Cost: $800

The Saboteur can sabotage enemy buildings to disable them for a period of time. Once inside a building, the saboteur is lost. He is stealth, and has the ability to climb cliffs. If a Saboteur enters an Command Center, all of this enemy’s General’s Powers’ timers will be reset. When a Saboteur enters an enemy Supply Center, he will steal $1000. If a Saboteur enters an enemy’s Power Plant, the base power will be off for half an minute. Upon entering the Internet Center, it is disabled for 15 seconds. Likewise, if a Saboteur enters a Super Weapon building, the timer will be reset. Lastly, when a Saboteur enters a factory, it will be disabled for half a minute.

Zero Hour

Toxin Rebel

Toxin rebel

Cost: $150

The toxin rebel is the basic infantry of GLA Toxin General Dr. Thrax. They are armed with a toxin sprayer and are effective against enemy infantry. They start with beta toxins and can be upgraded to have gamma toxins. They cannot get any upgrade for the ability to camouflague or the use of armor piercing bullets since they don't use guns.

Toxin RPG Trooper

Toxin rpg

Cost: $300

The toxin RPG trooper is available to only Dr. Thrax of the GLA. It is armed with rockets that are toxin tipped and they release a small cloud of toxin in the air upon impact. They are more effective than the original RPG trooper.

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