All GLA structures do not need power. When they are destroyed, they become GLA Holes and workers will eventually come out of the hole to reconstruct the structure for free.

Command Center

Cost: $2000

The primary base structure for GLA. It allows the use of General's Powers and workers are trained from here.

Supply Stash

Cost: $1500

This is where resources are collected. It also allows GLA workers to be trained.

Tunnel Network

Cost: $800 (since RPG troopers cost 300 each, the real value of the tunnel is $200)

This is a base defense and transportation structure. It can hold units and allow them to evacuate out of any existing tunnels. When built, it gives two free RPG troopers, which can be moved. it also has its own gun.

Demo Trap

Cost: $400

This builds quick and remains stealth (unless detected) to the enemy. If set to automatic detonation, it will detonate when an enemy unit comes within range. If set to manual, it can be detonated on command.


Cost: $500

This is where all GLA infantry are trained. They can also enter the barracks to heal.

Stinger Site

Cost: $900

This is a defense structure that consists of three stinger-armed infantry. The individual infantry can be killed by gunfire, toxin, fire, or just lots of damage.

Arms Dealer

Cost: $2500

The Arms Dealer is where the GLA gets its vehicles. Vehicles also can repair here. GLA has the most expensive vehicle factory.

SCUD Storm

Cost: $5000

The GLA superweapon. It fires volleys of SCUD missiles inaccurately near its target, but still causes massive damage. It also leave a cloud of anthrax in the range of the targeted area. The toxin can be upgraded with the Anthrax Beta upgrade.

Note: In Zero Hour, the Demolition General's SCUD Storm has no toxin, but has high-explosive warheads instead. It is capable of destroying an enemy superweapon if targeted. The Toxin General has Gamma-level anthrax loaded in his SCUD storm.


CNCG Palace

The GLA palace can hold a garrison of five infantry. Ranged units can fire out of the Palace. This is the GLA tech building and is required for some important upgrades, Black Markets, and SCUD Storms.

Black Market

Cost: $2500

The Black Market is GLA's late economy system. It provides useful upgrades as well as $20 every few seconds.


Capture Building

Cost: $1000

Purchasing this upgrade allows rebels to capture neutral and enemy buildings. The upgrade is available at the Barracks.

Scorpion Rocket

Cost: $1000

This will make scorpion tanks a lot more useful by providing an extra high damage rocket. It takes a long time to reload, but it is effective against both infantry and vehicles. This upgrade is available at the Arms Dealer.


Cost: $2000

This upgrades makes all your rebels stealth! It is very useful since it allows you to sneak rebels into bases and capture structures. This upgrade is available at the Palace.

Arm the Mob

Cost: $1000

This will change the weapons on the Angry Mobs from pistols to AK-47's. Angry Mobs can do a LOT more damage after this. This upgrade is available at the Palace.

Armor-Piercing Bullets

Cost: $2000

Upgrading AP Bullets gives the Technical, Quad Cannon, and Rebel increased firepower by 25%. Available at the Black Market.

Armor-Piercing Rockets

Cost: $2000

Upgrading AP Rockets increases the damage of RPG Troopers, Scorpion Rockets, Stinger Sites, and Rocket Buggies by 25%. This upgrade is available at the Black Market.

Rocket Buggy Ammo

Cost: $1200 ($1000 in Zero Hour)

This doubles the load a Rocket Buggy carries from 6 rockets to 12. This upgrade is available at the Black Market.

Anthrax Beta

Cost: $2500

Turns all Anthrax weapons to Beta-level toxins that damage 25% more. This upgrade is available at the Palace.

Toxin Shells

Cost: $1000

Gives the Scorpion and Marauder tankshells (and scorpion rocket) a small amount of anthrax to increase its effectiveness on infantry. This upgrade is available at the Palace.

Bio Bomb

Cost: $500

Only for the Bomb Truck, upgrading this will give your selected Bomb Truck anthrax so that it will explode in a cloud of toxin. Only available ON the Bomb Truck and it is $500 per Bomb Truck.

High Explosive Bomb

Cost: $500

Upgrading this for your Bomb Truck will make its explosion more damaging. Only available ON the Bomb Truck and it is $500 per Bomb Truck.

Junk Repair

Cost$: $2000

This upgrade will let ALL GLA vehicles self-heal. This upgrade is available at the Black Market.

Radar Scan

Cost: $500

This will let GLA radar vans use their Radar Scan every 30 seconds. This upgrade is available at the Black Market.

Extra Junk

Allows Marauder to upgrade to have two cannons, Quad cannon to upgrade twice, giving it faster and more damaging cannons, technicals can also be upgraded to have a cannon, much like that of the scorpion tank.

In Zero Hour the scorpion tank and the SCUD Launcher as well as the toxin truck will get two upgrades.

Radar Jamming

(Removed from game)

Gives Radar van a Radar Jamming ability.

Zero Hour


Toxin Network

Cost: $800

Works the same as a tunnel network except that it is armed with a toxin sprayer instead of a gun. Can only be built by the Toxin General.

Advanced Demo Trap

Cost: $200

This is a cheaper, more damaging version of the Demo Trap and can only be built by the Demo General.

Fake Structures

Cost: Varies

These can be built cheaper than actual structures. Their purpose is to make an enemy divert their resources to hit a structure that is worth less. A fake structure can be demolished on command and can also be upgraded into real structures by paying the rest of the cost.


Booby Trap Nuke

Cost: $1000

Upgrading Booby Traps allows rebels to plant explosive charges on friendly or neutral structures. If there is an attempt to capture the rigged building, all surrounding units will be killed. This upgrade is available at the Barracks.

Anthrax Gamma

Cost: $1000

Dr Thrax can purchase this upgrade to turn his already upgraded Beta toxins to Gamma, which gives 25% more damage.


Cost: $2000

The Demo General can purchase this upgrade to make his units gain a suicide capability. The explosive is activated on command or when units die and only hurt neutral and enemy units. Available at the Palace.

Worker Shoes

Cost: $1000

This makes the worker move faster and give in $83 per load even though they take $75 from a supply pile.


Cost: $500

Makes the selected structure stealth. Available on all structures.(Prince Kassad's base defenses come with camo-netting already upgraded)

Fortified Structure

Cost: $1000

This makes all GLA structures stronger.

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