Glove on Fight is a doujin boxing video game released in 2002 by Watanabe Seisakujo (now French-Bread). (The name of the game is a take on "Groove on Fight", which is a sequel of the Power Instinct series, though the two games have very little in common). The game features characters from various sources, including anime, dating sims, other doujin, and a company mascot. When played the game for the first time, only five characters are available. Three more will be unlocked when the player progress through the game (which are the three last opponents in the game). There are a total of eight playable characters.

The last three characters:

There were two Flash videos by the character designer of this game and Ragnarok Battle Offline, Shun-Pu Tei-Ko-Bo. They were called "Glove on Fight" and "Glove on Fight 2".

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