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  • Narrator: Linda Hunt
  • Kratos: Terrence 'TC' Carson
  • Athena: Carol Ruggier
  • Ares: Steven Blum
  • Oracle of Athens: Susan Blakeslee
  • Aphrodite: Carol Ruggier
  • Artemis: Claudia Black
  • Boat Captain: Keith Ferguson
  • Fishermen: Nolan North, Fred Tatasciore
  • Gravedigger: Paul Eiding
  • Greek Soldiers: Paul Eiding, Keith Ferguson, Nolan North, Rob Paulson, Chris Smith, Fred Tatasciore
  • Hades: Nolan North
  • Poseidon: Fred Tatasciore
  • Town Square Woman: Gwendoline Yeo
  • Twins: Courtenay Taylor
  • Undead Soldier: Chris Smith
  • Village Oracle: Susan Blakeslee
  • Wife: Gwendoline Yeo
  • Zues: Paul Eiding
  • Animators: Alex Harris, Paul Lee, Glovanni Luis, Nick Vona, Mehdi Yessef
  • Additional Animators: Jeff Bailey, Dave Blanchette, Colm Buggan, Grace Dotson, Micheal Kiely, Parker Matson, Nicole Stinn, Greg Tiernan, Mark West
  • Art Directors: Steve Caterson, Terry Smith
  • Additional Artists: Henry Cheng, Matt Clyne, Peter Khn, Jeff Morgan, Tate Mosesian, Mike Nicholson
  • Associate Producers: Whitney Wade, Yumi Yang
  • Camera: Jessica Brunelle
  • Casting: Rick Bowman
  • Character Artists: Louis Lu, Erik San Juan
  • Combat Scenarios: David Jaffe, Todd Papy
  • Combat System: Derek Daniels, Richard Forge, Eric Williams
  • Concept Artists: Cecil Hong-Sik Kim, Scott Seeto, Charlie Wen
  • Additional Concept and Storyboard Artists: Shannon Denton, Martin Mercer, Adam Pollina, Aaron Sowd, Dwayne Turner, Brad Vancata
  • Coordination Producer: Sandy Abe
  • Director: Douglas Carrigan
  • Environment Artists: Mark Ahlin, Mark Anderson, Paul Coda, Den Johnson
  • Game Director and Lead Designer: David Jaffe
  • Additional Design: Charlie Huenergardt, Quinlan Richards, Scott Rogers
  • Game Programmers: Matt Arrington, Magnus Banielsson, Thomas Miller IV, Bob Soper, Phil Wilkins
  • Game Writers: Keith Fay, David Jaffe, Marianne Krawczyk, Alexander Stein
  • Fight Consultant: Chuck Jeffreys
  • Lead Animator: Cory Barlog
  • Lead Character Artist: Dave Matthews
  • Lead Effects Artist: Maximilian Vaugn Ancar
  • Lead Engine Programmer
  • Lead Environment Artists: Stig Asmussen, Ken Feldman, Gustavo Rasche
  • Additional Environment Art Support: Melissa Harrison
  • Lead Programmer: Tim Moss
  • Additional Programming Support: Ben Diamand, Vassily Flippov
  • Level Design: Tobin A. Russell
  • Level Design and Scripting: Ashley A. Morgan, Todd Papy, Jo Wright
  • Motion Capture Actor: Brandon Molale
  • Music Editor: Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • Orchestrator Conductor: James T. Sale
  • Original Music: Marcello De Francisci, Gerard K. Marino, Micheal A. Reagan, Chris Velasco
  • Producer: Shannon Studstille
  • Production Assistant: Mark Camperell
  • Project Coordinator: Rita Mines
  • Sound and Music Scripting: Jonathan Hawkin, Jason McDonald
  • Sound Designers: Phillip A. Kovats, Lydian Tone
  • Additional Sound Designer: Chuck Russom
  • Sound Effects Designer: Micheal Edward Johnson
  • Technical Artists: Mark Anderson, Richard Greenspan, Jason Minters, Alexander Stein
  • Additional Technical Art Support: James D. Polk

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