Grand Prix Manager (GPM) is a Formula 1 management game released in December 1995 by MicroProse. It featured the 1995 Formula 1 season.


Game Intro

The game consists of Long Term and Short Term challenges. Long Term games were made up of 40 seasons of F1 (in game from 1995-2035) while Short Term challenges dictated a specific outcome to be met over 1,2 or 3 seasons. Failure to fulfill the challenges resulted in being fired and losing the game.

The sequel, Grand Prix Manager 2, released at the end of the year featured the 1996 season. Both games are very similar, though the later gives a more professional feeling, with more solid graphics, and includes several bug fixes and new features. An editor was made for this game, but after the release of Grand Prix World, the third installment of the saga, it was largely forgotten until 2004, when a group of fans made up a mod based on that season.

The game was superseded by Grand Prix Manager 2.

Differences Between Grand Prix Manager 1 and 2

Testing - In GPM1 testing involves the use of the race display, other cars also participate in the test sessions, allowing comparisons in performance to be made. GPM2, does not allow the player to "look" at the session, only the results of the tasks to be carried out.


[1] - GPM1 section on Edward Grabowski websiteTemplate:F1-racing-videogame-stub

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