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PC Codes

These are only for PC. Type in the code during the game or in the pause menu to make them work(they don't have to be capitalized):

General Cheats:

  • GESUNDHEIT = Health 100%
  • TURTOISE (or TORTOISE, in 1.1) = Armor 100%
  • IFIWEREARICHMAN = Money Cheat for more money
  • GUNSGUNSGUNS = Weapon Cheat to get all weapons
  • CHITTYCHITTYBB = Flying Cars
  • MOREPOLICEPLEASE = Wanted Level Up
  • NOPOLICEPLEASE = Wanted Level Down
  • ILIKEDRESSINGUP = Change Character
  • TIMEFLIESWHENYOU = Fast Gameplay(time runs fast)
  • MADWEATHER = Time Speeds Up?
  • BOOOOORING = Unknown (Time Slows Down?)
  • NASTYLIMBCHEAT = Nastier Limb Removal?(may not be needed, since on PC when the limbs come off there is blood squirting)

Car Cheats:

  • ANICESETOFWHEELS = See-Thru Cars, and only see wheels and driver
  • CORNERSLIKEMAD = Better Driving Code
  • BANGBANGBANG = Blow Up Cars Around You
  • GIVEUSATANK = Spawn A Tank

Weather Cheats:

  • SKINCANCERFORME = Nice Weather
  • ILIKESCOTLAND = Fog Thickness Level 1
  • ILOVESCOTLAND = Fog Thickness Level 2
  • PEASOUP = Fog Thickness Level 3

Pedestrian Cheats:

  • NOBODYLIKESME = Peds Want To Kill You
  • WEAPONSFORALL = Peds Carry Weapons

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