Rockstar North

Leslie Benzies
Art Director
Aaron Garbut
Technical Direction
Obbe Vermeij, Adam Fowler
design By
Chris Rothwell, Craig Filshie, William Mills, James Warrall
Written By
James Warrall, Paul Kurowski, Dan Houser
Ian Mcque
Alex Horton, Lee Montgomery
Auto Design
Pual Kurowski
3D Artists
Keiran Baillie, Adam Cochrane, Gary Mcadam, Andrew Soosay, Alisdair Wood, Michael Pirso
Alan Campbell, Andrzej Madajczyk, Mark Hanlon, Alexander Roger, Raymond Usher, Graeme Williamson
Sound Design & Mastering
Allan Walker
Audio Programing
Raymond Usher
Craig Conner, Stuart Ross
Test Manager
Craig Arbuthnott
Lead Testers
Andy Duthie, John Haime, Neil Corbett
Graeme Jennings, David Murdoch, David Beddoes, Edwin Smith, Mark Flett, Michael Sutherland
Technical Support
Lorraine Roy, Christine Chalmers
Studio Manager

Rockstar New York

Executive Producer
Sam Houser
VP of Creative
Dan Houser
VP of Development
Jamie King
Rich Rosado
Chief Technology Officer
Gary J. Foreman
Director of QA
Jeff Rosa
Technical Manager
Sadeep Bisla
Lead Analyst
Jameel Vega
Rockstar Test Team
Lance Willaims, Brian Alcazar, Rich Huie, Gene, Overton, Mike Hong, Chris Choi, Chris Plummer, Ethan Abeles, Tammy Beatty, William Rompl
Rockstar Production Team
Terry Donovan, Alex Hortan, Jenefer Gross, Jeff Castaneda, Jenifer Kolbe, Adam Tedman, Laura Paterson, Hosi Simon, Tony King, Brian Wood, Stanton Sarjeant, Gauri Khindaria, Danial Einzig

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