Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball (2004) (GHTP) is a T-rated first person paintball game released exclusively for the Xbox. The game gathered a cult following, consistently appearing on the Xbox Live Top 25 list posted by Major Nelson, peaking at the number nine position.[1] A sequel, Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX'D, was released in 2005. Greg Hastings' Paintball 2, developed by Majesco, is set to launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii September 28th, 2010.


  • 3 game types to play: Elimination, Capture the Flag, Center Flag
  • Cheat Meter: try to wipe paint without getting caught
  • Switch marker hands from left to right
  • 14 top pro paintball players
  • 25 real-life paintball sponsors to provide an authentic experience
  • Real-life paintball fields and tournament locations

Single Player

  • 19 tournaments to play
  • 98 different field layouts
  • Play against up to 80 different opponent teams, including 69 real life teams
  • Advance from rookie to novice to amateur to pro
  • Gain experience points and increase your skills


  • Xbox Live and System Link enabled
  • Communicate on the field with the use of XboxT voice communicator
  • Play on-line with up to 7-on-7 team play
  • 20 unique locations to play
  • 179 different field layouts[2]


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