GripShift is a hybrid title video game that was developed by Sidhe Interactive and co-published by Red Mile Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment and Ubisoft Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable handheld in 2005. The game was later released for download on PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Store, and for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. GripShift is a cross between a platform/puzzle game like Super Monkey Ball and a driving game like Stunt Car Racer.[1]


  • More than 100 diverse levels in 4 themed worlds
  • Multiple routes, short-cuts, loops, jumps, ramps, power-ups and dangers to avoid
  • Race Mode provides action for players to race against the CPU or human drivers
  • 8 Bonus games including Penguin Bowling, Bomb Pool, Soccer Crazy, Snaker, Ice Hockey and more
  • Wireless multiplayer action for up to 4 players through the PSP handheld system's wireless feature
  • In-game Track Editor and ability to share them wirelessly with friends
  • 6 playable characters and customizable vehicles
  • Wireless Ad-Hoc multiplayer with up to four players

GripShift comes with a track editor that allows players to create custom tracks and share them with friends. This can be done via the PlayStation Portable Ad-Hoc mode.

Additional content

On February 13, 2008, the "Turbo Expansion Pack" downloadable content was released for 350 Microsoft Points. The content adds new single-player and multiplayer modes, eight Race Tracks, eight Deathmatch Arenas, and eighteen new music tracks[2].

Recently, an exploit was discovered in the game that allowed the running of unsigned code (homebrew) using a buffer overflow, on all firmwares and motherboards, including PSP 3000.[3]

PlayStation 3 version

These changes include the addition of track barriers to help players stay on the road. They are also incorporated back into the gameplay as another puzzle element that can both help and hinder your progress. The vehicle handling has been substantially reworked and now features increasing speeds as the player progresses from the beginner levels through to insane levels. The vehicle also handles differently off the road and depending on what surface it is on. For example it will now slide when on ice.

  • 150 Challenging Levels Across 4 Themed Worlds
  • Four Player Online Race Mode
  • 38 Different Music Tracks
  • Online Leader Boards For Every Challenge Mode Level (Multiple Objectives)


GripShift reviews by platform
Publication PSP PS3 (PSN) XBLA
<center>6.5/10 <center>6.5/10 <center>
<center>IGN <center>7.5/10 <center>7/10 <center>7/10
<center> <center>D- <center> <center>A
<center>Eurogamer <center>7/10 <center>8/10 <center>8/10
Compilations of multiple reviews
Compiler PSP PS3 (PSN) XBLA
<center>Game Rankings <center>73%[4] <center>67%[5] <center>73%[6]
<center>Metacritic <center>70%[7] <center>67%[8] <center>72%[9]


GripShift has won a number of awards since its release. At the 2005 Australian Game Developers Conference GripShift won "Best Handheld Game", "Best Level Design" and "Best Game Design".[citation needed]

In late 2005 IGN awarded GripShift runner-up to Lumines for the most innovative design for a handheld game in their annual Game of the Year Awards.[citation needed]

GripShift also won "Best Handheld Game" in the 2005 Sumea awards.

IGN scored the Xbox Live Arcade version of GripShift a 7.0, stating "...It has more gameplay than most XBLA titles".[10] awarded it an A, rating, "of the more unique, addicting, and polished games on the Arcade...or anywhere else."[11]

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