Solar System Entry

  • Station Length: 1.1 km
  • Gross Weight: 370,000 metric tons

The stated mission of the Jon Grissom Academy, commissioned in 2176, is to "serve a student population demonstrating excellence and passion for math, science, and the liberal arts." Its entirely human student body ranges in age from the early teens to the mid-twenties. Although the fact is not heavily advertised, the institution also offers classes for students with biotic capability. The school's Ascension Project seeks to train these students and integrate them into normal society.

Note: The Normandy can dock here.

Codex Entry

The Jon Grissom Academy, founded in 2176, is the Alliance's premier school for young human biotics. The Institution is housed in a space station in orbit over the human colony of Elysium. Its main program, the Ascension Project, is designed to train and monitor young biotics as well as help them integrate into society after graduation. Unlike the project's previous incarnation, Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training, or BAat, the training is not exclusively military in nature.

The academy also employs scientific personnel, including Dr. Kahlee Sanders, to develop synthetic intelligence systems and biotic amplifiers like the new L4 implants.

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