Characters (16 in total)

To unlock characters in Free and Versus Modes.

  • Aniki: Complete Story Mode using Musica.
  • Gale: Complete Story Mode using Shuda.
  • Poosya: Complete Story Mode using Elie.
  • King: Complete Story Mode using Haru.
  • Sieghart: Complete Story Mode using Go.
  • Reina: At the title screen press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A. If done correctly you will hear a voice.
  • Outlaw: Complete 2 on 1 Free Mode on Hard using Aniki (Rear Admiral).
  • Beast King: Complete Story Mode on Hard using Haru without using a continue. Then defeat Beast King after round 7.

New Modes

  • 2 on 1 Free Mode: Complete all Story Mode stories.
  • 3 on 1 Free Mode: Unlock Outlaw and King's Beast form as playable characters.
  • Story Edit Mode: Complete Story Mode using Musica, Shuda, Elie, Haru, and Go.


  • Character Gallery: Complete Story Mode or Free Mode with a character to unlock their entry in the gallery.
  • New Announcer Voices: Complete 2 on 1 Free Mode with a character to unlock them as announcer. To turn their voice on (as opposed to the default announcer), go to EX Options and Omake 1, where you can change the announcer's voice.
  • Voice Test: Complete Story Mode with a character to unlock their voice test.
  • Alternate Costumes: Complete 3 on 1 Free Mode on Hard using Haru, Elie and Musica.

Each time, you will unlock 2 new pieces of art in EX Options mode (one CGI, one character artwork).

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