B - Weak attack. All characters can combo these.

A - Strong attack. Most characters can't combo these but some can.

X - Jump (press again to double jump).

Y - Use Rave DB special power

L - Block

Z - Drop / Switch Weapon, Rave DB, or Item

R - Use Groove Attack

L+R - Use Ultimate Groove Attack (UGA)

DOWN EVASION: Press A quickly when knocked down.

GROOVE ENERGY: Underneath the life boxes at the top of the screen is your Groove Gauge. This goes up as you attack and is used for activating special moves. Groove Attacks use Groove Energy. UGA’s use a full bar. Also some Rave DB special powers use Grove Energy.

POWER BLOCK: If you block an attack by hitting the L trigger just as the attack lands, you gain some Groove Energy.

Ultimate Groove Attacks

Character Groove Weapon Groove Attack Rave DBs Ultimate GA
Haru Ten Commandments One Stroke Defying Bolt None  ?
TCM - Explosion Explosion Shiva’s Rave Bombing Dance!
TCM - Silfarion Charges & Teleports Knowledge Rave Super High Speed
TCM - Rune save Freezing Homing Missile Conflict Rave 10 Spheres
TCM - Blue Crimson Shoot 2 arcing bolts 2 of the above 3 Meteors
TCM - Melforce 3 gales of wind All the above 3 Cyclone
Elie Ganzu Tonfa Super Random Firing 2 of the above 3 Fool!
Musica Silver Spear Showy Silver Spin 2 of the above 3 Gosberian Silver!
Let None (fists) Fire Breath None (must) Heaven Hero Display!
Shuda Heaven's Justice Colour Method of Defeating 3 Gangs Waltzer Flame or Barret's Flare Burst Blaze Resolution!
Lance Bayonet Phantom Creature Claw Real Moment Fangs of Every Animal!
Go Thunder Magnitude Buster Angry Blitz Sure Kill Thunder Dunk Fest!
Rosa Dancing Wolf Dance with Rhythm Angry Blitz It’s a Dance Time!
Sieghart None (fists) None None (must) Space Magic Gran Shario!
Gale Matter is Void The Draw Is All There Is Shiva’s Rave, Knowledge Rave & Conflict Rave Sky Controlled Kill!
King Decalogs One Stroke Defying Bolt None  ?
D - Explosion Explosion Monster Prison Desperado Bomb!
D - Silfarion Charges & Teleports  ? Super High Speed
D - Rune save Freezing Homing Missile  ? 10 Spheres
D - Blue Crimson Shoot 2 arcing bolts 2 of the above 3 Meteors
D - Melforce 3 gales of wind All the above 3 Cyclone
Poosya Glue Tear?  ? Glue Tear Omega Rain!
Aniki None None None None
Reina None None None None
Outlaw None None None None
Beast King None None None None

Need to pick up Groove DBs to change Ten Commandments and Decalogs to different forms.

  • Explosion (fiery blade) – extra damage
  • Silfarion (silver blade) – longer reach
  • Rune save (green blade) – increases groove gauge
  • Blue Crimson (two swords) – elemental damage
  • Melforce (big green sword) – ?

Elie can do a weak UGA using 1 of 3 Rave DBs.

Only Musica can pick up the Silver Spear (it looks like a skull).

Let can do Firebreath without any weapon. He can only do his UGA if you haven’t picked up any Rave DBs. He can do another UGA in the air.

Rosa’s UGA only freezes Male characters. You can beat them up while they are frozen.

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