Growlanser Generations is both a collection of Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice and Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness and the sole American release of both games. The American localizations of both games were produced by Working Designs. This is also the last video game Working Designs released in the US before they became defunct in December 2005.

Growlanser Generations is not to be confused with Growlanser: Heritage of War, the fifth entry in the Growlanser series.

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Growlanser Generations can be considered an American version of Growlanser Collection, which contained Growlanser II & III. However, Growlanser II and Growlanser III were originally planned for separate American releases by Working Designs. Due to opposition from Sony, Working Designs was forced to release both games together.

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The versions of Growlanser II and III presented in Growlanser Generations are slightly different than their Japanese counterparts. Working Designs opted to add an Auto-Battle feature to both games, as well as enhanced voice acting options, such as the ability to switch voice acting on or off for specific characters. Each game also has a newly-added gallery of artwork, vocal outtakes (a staple of Working Designs titles), and music available upon completion.

The deluxe version also included:

- A game-themed analog watch and case

- A game-based ring, chain, and storage pouch

- A deck of playing cards with case and customized artwork (Customized artwork is limited to the case, the back of the cards, and the Jokers).

- A soundtrack with over 20 specially arranged themes.

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