Guilty Gear Isuka (ギルティギア 鶍, Giruti Gia Isuka?) is a game in the Guilty Gear series. Unlike previous games of the series, Isuka allows for fights with up to four players, and is exclusively programmed for use in tournament play. It is the first Guilty Gear game to include the character A.B.A. One version of the game was released in North America, distributed by Sega, as well as Europe, distributed by ZOO Publishing.

The Boss of the game is Leopaldon, a Gear with very little details. A new mode was introduced, the Guilty Gear (GG) Boost Mode. This is a side scrolling adventure, much like Tekken 3's Tekken Force mode. Another new mode is the Robo-Ky II Factory. You can customize your Robo-Ky II and play through his Boost Mode to earn Points for more techniques, including some that were removed due to tournament rules.

The Boss of GG Boost are Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky, altered (and far more powerful) versions of Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. Both feature a unique move not seen before. The "Instant Kill" move, also known as "One Hit Kill" or "Destroy" moves, were removed in Isuka, and Dizzy's Gamma Ray Overdrive was removed from her move set, since it qualifies as her version of those moves.

In order to compensate for the increase in players, Isuka added a turn button. This was a largely criticized feature, and many reviewers feel it ruined the game.

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