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Cover Tracks

Original Tracks

  • Acro-Brats - "Call Out"
  • Anarchy Club - "Behind the Mask"
  • Artillery - "The Breaking Wheel"
  • Count Zero - "Sail Your Ship By"
  • Freezepop - "Get Ready 2 Rokk"
  • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - "Hey"
  • Made In Mexico - "Farewell Myth"
  • Monkey Steals the Peach - "Theme from Guitar Hero"
  • The Model Sons - "The Story of My Love"
  • Shaimus - "All of This"
  • The Bags - "Caveman Rejoice"
  • Din - "Fly on the Wall"
  • Drist - "Decontrol"
  • The Slip - "Even Rats"
  • The Upper Crust - "Eureka! I Found Love"
  • Graveyard BBQ - "Cheat on the Church"
  • Black Label Society - "Fire It Up"

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