The following is a list of all characters appearing in various games of the Guitar Hero series.


Genre of Rock

Judy NailsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesAlternative Rock, Gothic Rock, Indie Rock and Nu-Metal
Johnny NapalmYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesPunk Rock
Axel SteelYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesTypes of Metal
PandoraYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYesGothic Rock, New Wave (mostly in GH80)
Izzy SparksYes (1)YesYes YesYesNoYesNoGlam Rock, Glam Metal
Clive WinstonYes Yes (1)NoNoNoNoYesYesClassic Rock
Grim RipperYes (1)Yes (1)YesYes (1,2)NoNoNoNoHeavy Metal and Death Metal
Xavier StoneYes Yes No YesYesNoYesNoFunk Rock, Funk Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock and Blues Rock
Lars ÜmlaütNoYesNoYesYesNoYesNoExtreme Metal, Death Metal, Viking Metal, and Doom Metal
Eddie KnoxNoYesNoNoNoNoYesNoRock N' Roll, Rockabilly and Psychobilly
Casey LynchNoYesNoYesYesNoYesNoHard Rock
MidoriNoNoNoYesYesNoYesYesPop Rock
God of RockNoNoNoYes (1,2)NoNoNoNoPower Metal
Elroy BudvisNoNoNoYes (1,3)Yes(1,3)NoyesNoRock N' Roll
MetalheadNoNoNoYes (1,3)Yes(1,3)Noyes(1)NoIndustrial Rock and Industrial Metal
Tom MorelloNoNoNoYes (4)NoNoNoNoAlternative Metal and Funk Metal
SlashNoNoNoYes (4)NoNoNoNoHard Rock
LouNoNoNoYes (4)Yes(1)NoNoNoHeavy Metal
Joe PerryNoNoNoNoYes(4)NoNoNoHard Rock and Blues Rock
Tom HamiltonNoNoNoNoYes(1)NoNoNoHard Rock and Blues Rock
Brad WhitfordNoNoNoNoYes(1)NoNoNoHard Rock and Blues Rock
Gunner JaxonNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesGrunge
Memphis RoseNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYesSouthern Rock, Sludge Metal
Ozzy OsbourneNoNoNoNoNoNoYes (6)No
Ted NugentNoNoNoNoNoNoYes (4)No
Matty CannzNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Marcus FretshredderNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Rikki LeeNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Shirley CrowlyNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Haley WilliamsNoNoNoNoNoNoYes(6)No
Jimi HendrixNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Zakk WyldeNoNoNoNoNoNoYes (4)NoHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Billy CorganNoNoNoNoNoNoYes(9)No
Travis BarkerNoNoNoNoNoNoYes(7)No

  • (1): Must be purchased from the Store.
  • (2): Unique to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.
  • (3): Unique to the PS2 and Wii versions.
  • (4): Must be defeated in the corresponding battle before becoming available for purchase at the Store.
  • (5): Must successfully beat their song(s) on guitar career before being available for purchase
  • (6): Sing and complete their song In vocal career mode
  • (7): Must successfully play their song on drum career mode before being available to buy
  • (8): Must play their song in bass career
  • (9): Must play their song in band career

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