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Developer(s) Neversoft
Publisher(s) Activision
Release date GCN, PS2, Xbox:

November 8, 2005 (NA)
PC: November 9, 2005 (NA)
XBox 360: November 16 (NA)
PSP: TBA 2006

Genre Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: M
PEGI: 18+
Platform(s) GameCube, PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360
Media DVD, GameCube Optical Disc
Input Controller
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Gun is Neversoft's first non-Tony Hawk game in the last five years. Gun is a Western shooter. It features freeform sandbox style gameplay. Set in the ruthless wild west, it stars Colton White, as he seeks vengeance for the murder of his father.


The main plot progression is initiated through story missions. In-between every story missions, you are given free reign to move around the world (which is not very big and consists largely of some detailed uninhabited plains/mountains/canyons). During these free form sessions, you can spend money or take up side missions from various townsfolk, whether it's with the pony express or the local law enforcement. These also give you money and dramatically increase your stats. To unlock more side missions, you must defeat story missions.

Like the Grand Theft Auto series, you can randomly kill any civilians you like. Although there are only two towns (Dodge City and Empire), there are always innocents to take out. Dogs, buffalo, whores, you name it. Like the star rating in GTA, whenever you kill innocents, you "test the town's patience". Each kill will lower the patience bar, until it reaches zero, creating a "Showdown". The town bell rings, people run away, and a gang of guys come attack you. You must kill this entire posse to get out of the Showdown stage and return to a normal city stage. You can also hijack horses instead of cars, though horses are not as common as cars.

The shooting mechanics follow basic third-person shooter standards. One unique feature is the "Quick Draw", a bar that fills up everytime you kill someone, or score headshots, or shoot weapons out of enemy hands. When you initiate the Quick Draw, you enter Max Payne-esque "bullet time." Everything slow down, you enter first-person view and can easily auto target many enemies at once.


There are 6 different classes of weaponry, and at least three different weapons in these categories. Weapons are gained from completing story missions.

  • Pistol - Your standard weapon. This is the only gun you can use in Quick Draw mode, and it has unlimited ammo. The final pistol is the dual peacemakers.
  • Rifle - A high powered, fast loading, long range gun. Useful for enemies on horseback.
  • Shotgun - A close-range shotgun with heavy damage. Useful for groups, and does not require much aiming.
  • Sharpshooter - Long range and extremely accurate sniper rifles, though with low ammo and long reloading time.
  • Melee - Close range blades. Fast rate of fire, high damage.
  • Thrown - Whiskey bombs or dynamite sticks. Careful not to get hurt yourself.
  • Bows - Silent, high damage weapons. Useful for stealth or hunting animals.


Colton White is hunting for furs, skins & meat with his father, Ned White. After Colton kills a grizzly that attacked Ned they meet a steam ship the Morning Star to conduct business, only to have it suddenly ambushed by an unknown white army covered with paint from a fort in Canoes and Keelboats after a reverend named Reed kills a whore Ned was talking to in a cabin with a safe. Everyone on the ship, except Colton & Ned are slaughtered. Knowing that they won't make it, Ned gives him a token to the whorehouse in Dodge the Alhambra, tells his son that he's not really his father, and throws him off the ship in hopes of getting him away. Ned is killed when the boat explodes. Somewhere else the reverend is reveiled to have been sent by a man with an eyepatch to get what was in Neds' safe and having failed the reverand loses an ear.

Colton recovers and is woken by a man named "Honest" Tom who challenge him to a race on a wager for one of toms' horses for the token and after Clton wins the race and shooting contest Tom's partners-in-crime turn up and try to kill Colton for the horse and token. Colton then heads to Dodge City, following the instructions his father gave him right before his death. There, he looks for information on what his father was looking to do on the steam boat and meets a whore named Jenny, when she pays more attention to Colton then a gang head a fight breaks out and Colton kills the whole gang and takes the leaders shotgun. After the showdown the city marshal Patrick Denton shows up and hires Colton before getting heck from Jenny. Colton then spends a good night with Jenny and learns that the preacher was in Dodge hunting the whore who he killed on the boat, in the morning Colton helped Patrick Denton fix the bridge to Empire by protecting the workers from the Apache Indians. When the bridge is finished Patrick Denton and Colton are attacked by Quick Killer the leader of the attacks on the bridge but is killed by Colton while Denton hid behind some barrels. After clearing the bridge and gaining himself some new weapons Colton and Jenny get a coach through Indian territory to Empire and after killing many enemies they arrive in Empire and meet the mayor Hoodoo Brown who takes Jenny inside Empire Casino and invites Colton to join him later where Colton meets Hoodoo's two best men Webb and Rubabaugh and is appointed a deputy of Empire and goes with Webb and Rubabaugh to clear a farm of some resistance fighters who are nothing more than brutal thugs for the hire. After clearing the farm the two right-hand men of Hoodoo's kill a couple in cold blood at which Colton kills them. He then heads back to Empire to confront Hoodoo but is lured into a trap when the Reverend Reed grabs Jenny and when Colton comes in slits her throat, Colton is then knocked out by Hoodoo. When he comes to the man who cut of the reverands' ear by name of Thomas Magruder is sitting in a chair in front of him and is reveiled to be the boss of Hoodoo and Reed and questions Colton before getting frustrated and knocking Colton out cold. He wakes up in the Empire prison with a resistance fighter named Port and an educated crook named Soapy who locked behind a door only a key can open (or an explosion) and after introductions are made Colton, Port, & Soapy make an alliance during which Port calls Magruder a "One-eyed pig" and Colton grabs the prison guard through the bars and kills him and unlocks the prison door then takes back his weapons and a bow and hunts down some TNT barrels to blow open the wall of Soapy's cell and some horses for the escape killing all the guards he came across and after escaping the town Soapy heads to Dodge and Port leads Colton to the resistance hideout where he meets Clay Allison the leader of the resistance and Colton joins up.

In the morning Clay and Colton go to an ambush sight for a train which is carrying a gatling gun Hoodoo called in, they are planning to bury the railway with rocks from an explosion. Port is there and they stack TNT barrels in an archway until word of an ambush on fellow resistance members near Dodge by the train and after going to assist the fellow members Clay and Colton return to the ambush site where Colton stacks the remaining barrel and blows up a roadblock for the train and when it crashes a firefight ensues and when it is over the resistance takes the gatling gun and Port and Colton check the boxcar and Discover Apache slaves who ask for water before their chief Many Wounds shows up to take them home and while leaving Colton notices Many Wounds tomahawk handle is a gold cross.

Later at night at the resistance camp Clay tells Colton of the last time he saw Ned (Clay served under Magruder in the civil war for the south) before the camp is attacked by Hoodoo's men and while Colton snipes enemies with his new sharpshooter while Clay uses their liberated gatling gun, later Colton takes over the Gatling gun while Clay gets on a horse to drive out Hoodoo's men but is captured. Colton after mowing down the calvary captured an armored cannon and convinces the resistance to attack Empire with the two big guns and when they do they give colton the chance to sneak in underground tunnel to save Clay from torture and to kill Hoodoo.

After the victory Colton heads to Dodge to employ Soapy's help in finding Neds' safe which was on the Morning Star. When he gets there he finds Patrick Denton tied up on the bridge and when Colton unties him the sheriff tells him that a mob is about to hang Soapy over a game of cards and they plan to save Soapy and get rid of the gang that has been causing Denton so much trouble and after Colton shoots the noose and the gang members with Denton's help. A scene shows Magruder learning about Hoodo's death and Soapy's rescue before sending Reed to retreive the safe. Colton and Soapy head north to Montana where they spy on a fort before being caught by some of the soldier covered in paint that attacked the steamboat and Sergeant Hollister who has Neds' rifle. Hollister takes Colton and Soapy inside his fort and lets them walk around "like free men" but takes their weapons. To escape Colton finds three Blackfoot Indians who are being beaten and kills their captors quietly to enlist their help in escaping and when they do Colton helps clear the Blackfoot camp of soldiers. After the fight the Blackfoot leader Fights-at-Dawn tells the story of Coltons life-debt to the Blackfoot before Colton comes up with an idea to take the fort and repay his debt. In the morning Colton and the Blackfoot tribe swarm the fort and kill all the savage paint wearing soldiers (although Hollister escaped) before Colton, Soapy, and Fights-at-Dawn use a Keelboat to get to the wrecked steamboat. When they arrive however Fights-at-Dawn is injured by a dynamite explosion thrown by Hollister who is injured by Colton before Hollister straps dynamite to himself and then charges Colton suicidely before blowing up as Colton just stepped out of explosions range.

After Fights-at Dawn is healed by Soapy Colton and his safe-cracking friend find the safe and as Soapy unlocks it Magruder's calvary arrives but Colton takes care of them before Soapy opens the safe and gets a gold cross piece before Reed shows up at which Colton shuts the cross piece which hiariously infuriates the man of God before fighting and being executed by Colton for Jenny. After Soapy reopens the safe he says the cross piece is incomplete and has Latin writing all over it. When they leave Blackfoot country Magruder finds out about Reeds death and your finding of the gold cross piece. They then go to the Apache tribe to get the second gold cross piece which is Many Wound's tomahawk handle and when they arrive they are taken to the Apache camp where Many Wounds explains Coltons origins as the son of a white healer and an Apache women who were the original owners of Ned's rifle and owners of the gold cross which is complete when Colton receives the second part. Colton, Many Wounds, and Soapy then visit Coltons parents' house before Colton and Soapy ride out to find a place in the mountains Many Wounds had found Latin writing and puts the cross in an dent in a rock and locates the famed City of Gold above Magruders' most searched mine attempt to find the famed city. The gleam of the cross is spotted by an cannoneer of Magruders armored train and when fired upon by the cannon Soapy and the cross slide down the mountain and are captured and while Colton makes his way down the mountain though Magruders men Soapy's index and middle fingers are shot off to make him tell the city's location which succeeds but Soapy still manages to escape after and is found by Colton who sends him to get Clay Allison and Many Wounds before Colton Captures the train and uses it as a battering ram to open the doorway to the tunnels just as Clay, and the Apachee, and the Resistance arrive. the allies then fight their way in to the tunnels but eventually when they almost are at Magruder Colton tells them to go back and goes to fight his enemy who has the cross an impenetrable breastplate and an seven-barrel nock shotgun and large bundels of dynamite. Using the dynamite to his advantage Colton brings down the ceiling on Magruder and leaving the cross tells Magruder to give the devil his regards and Colton escapes with last-second help Many Wounds and as they stand outside the cave entrance Colton says " Our father's can rest now."


February 1, 2006 the Association for American Indian Development (the AAID) released a statement about the game Gun saying that its depiction of Native Americans was negative and stereotypical, also calling for a boycott. That allowing the player to attack, kill, scalp, and even reward from the "slaughtering of the 'renegade' Apaches" promotes racist and genocidal elements toward Native Americans.

While the game contains violence towards Native Americans what it also allows for is the same violence towards people of other races. In addition to this fact it is discovered that the main character is actually part Native American. Through this twist in plot it is then his, and the players, task to protect the Native Americans against the "truly evil" white men.

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