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Half-Life: Decay is the third and final expansion for Half-Life. Developed by Gearbox Software and released with the PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life, Half-Life: Decay was a co-operative campaign that put the players in the roles of Dr. Gina Cross and Dr. Collette Green, two scientists who also worked at the Black Mesa Research Facility during the Black Mesa Incident.

On September 23, 2008 a group of Ukrainian programers successfully ported Half life: Decay to PC. It featured online co-op gameplay and several other tweaks that were not in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Facts about "Half-Life: Decay"RDF feed
ContentTypeExpansion +
DeveloperGearbox Software +
DisplayNameHalf-Life: Decay +
FeaturesSingle-player +, Co-op + and Multi-player +
GameCatVideo Game + and Expansion +
GenreFirst-person Shooter +, First-person + and Shooter +
MediaDVD-ROM +
NameHalf-Life: Decay +
NamePageHalf-Life: Decay +
NamesHalf-Life: Decay +
North American PlayStation 2 ReleaseNovember 2001 +
North American ReleaseNovember 2001 +
PageNameHalf-Life: Decay +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlayStation 2 ReleaseNovember 2001 +
PublisherSierra Entertainment +
RatingBodiesESRB +
RatingsESRB-M +
RegionNorth America +
StatusReleased +
Year2001 +

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