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A hard drive or hard disk is a magnetic disk used as a primary storage device in a personal computer. Most PCs come with a hard drive built in, though the hard drive market thrives on people buying replacements or additions to their existing hard drives, or constructing a RAID storage system.

Hard drives are usually sold in "internal" and "external" variants. An internal drive is one that essentially plugs directly into a computer's internal components. An external drive can be plugged in via an external interface, like USB or Firewire. If you're not sure what type of hard drive you have, consult a hard drive identifying guide. Incorrectly tampering with a hard drive could result in data loss.

The hard drive is integral to the power and storage capacity of your computer, and the right hard drive could greatly improve your gaming experience. If you intend to upgrade the hard drive on your PC in order to improve gaming capabilities, research some worthwhile upgrades. Hard drives

While hard drives are normally found on personal computers, the PlayStation 2 was the first known home game console to feature a hard drive expansion bay, and the hard drive itself was sold with titles such as Final Fantasy XI. The Xbox was the first known home game console to feature an integrated hard drive; an 8 GB model was shipped as standard.

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