Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley is a farming simulation game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.


Pete, the default protagonist name, visits a mountain that is stuck in a never ending winter, due to the recent disappearance of the Harvest Goddess. One of the local sprites, Rowan, beckons the player to help rejuvenate the mountain so power can be restored to the Harvest Goddess, and she can and reinstate the seasons.


Like other games in the Harvest Moon series, the game revolves around farming, raising livestock, maintaining villager relationships and exploring. Unlike previous entries, the player has complete control of the terrain, being able to build or remove layers of the earth. Each in game hour takes approximately 58 seconds. The player has a stamina bar that depletes as they do specific tasks such as chopping down trees, or watering crops.

Unlike other Harvest Moon games, there are no villagers present when the player first arrives but they slowly appear throughout the first month, introducing themselves to the player.