Hello Kitty Roller Rescue, known in Japan as Hello Kitty Mission Rescue (Hello Kitty 友情總動員), is an action-adventure video game developed by XPEC Entertainment. The game is based on the Hello Kitty characters. The game also features exclusive character designs by Hunter Roberson and Rhett Deal.

Hello Kitty Crystal Edition

Template:Seealso A Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox was released with Sanrio in Singapore, to commemorate the release of the game on the Xbox. The special edition console was translucent with a pink and orange Hello Kitty picture covering the X on top of the case. A limited production run of 550 units was sold at a retail price of S$99 (US$61), if you purchased certain selected Samsung LCD TVs during a promotion. Included with the Hello Kitty Crystal console was a matching Crystal Controller S and a copy of Hello Kitty Mission Rescue.

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