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Cheat Codes

All codes are typed in on the keyboard during normal play.

  • quicken - God mode
  • rambo - Full weapons/ammo
  • ravskel - Give all keys
  • ravmap - Display full map
  • Enter it a second time to display items/enemies on the map.
  • Enter it a third time to return the map display to normal.
  • kitty - No clipping (walk through walls)
  • gimmie_ - when followed by a letter A-J, give an item:
  • a - Ring of Invulnerability
  • b - Shadowsphere
  • c - Quartz Flask
  • d - Mystic Urn
  • e - Tome of Power
  • f - Torch
  • g - Time Bomb of the Ancients
  • h - Morph Ovum
  • i - Wings of Wrath
  • j - Chaos Device
  • engageXY - Warp to Episode X, level Y

Anti-Cheat Codes

Entering these Doom cheat codes will have some unexpected effects:

  • iddqd - Instantly kills player
  • idkfa - Removes all weapons/ammo from player

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